Monday, 9 August 2010

Velika Planina

Our Saturday trip with friends took us to the north of the country again. We visited the Velika Planina - we were there a year ago and liked it a lot. It's ideal for children because they have (practically) unlimited space for running around!

Last year we took the cable car half way up the mountain, and this year we approached it from the other side - we drove our cars as high up as possible and then walked to the plateau.

There are so many gorgeous things to be seen all around, from flora to fauna. Pure joy!

I was particularly impressed with this thistle - it reminded me of my absolutely and all-time favourite place on earth, Scotland.

We had some truly delicious local food for lunch (and snack... and another snack...).

Unfortunately, we weren't quite so lucky with the weather. We were drizzled upon several times during the day.

The weather did not manage to spoil our mood, though.

Our party included seven pre- and primary school children, a toddler, and three teenagers (plus parents, obviously).

None of them complained throughout the entire trip. Unprecedented. Unthinkable. Unimaginable. But true!

Even the toddler who spent something like ten hours in a baby carrier was all smiles. We did stop for short breaks, of course. If nothing else, he needed a nappy change...

As the place is well-known for delicious cheese-making, there is naturally an abundance of cows to be seen.

Some of them were all ready to pose, and some of them - not.

The day ended with some delicious pizza at our local pizza place - not very typical Slovenian food but hey, you can't have too much of a good thing!


Thanks for taking your time!