Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A few pics of our annual summer holiday resort.

An old pirates' ship which takes you out for a day, some sightseeing and fish picnic included...

An old hotel, deserted until a few years ago, now completely renovated and turned into a really posh and expensive place. How about four euros for a cup of coffee?

Not far away from it - this sad old thing, telling tales of happy times in the past. Let's hope it will follow the destiny of the above building one day...

Another hotel on top of the hill in the middle of the town, famous for its casino. Our relatives' house is only a step away. Never been to the casino, though...

Last but certainly not least, beautiful scenery as seen on the bike ride from Portorose to the nearby Izola - Piran's St George's church can be seen in the distance in the middle of the pic. Breathtaking!

Looking forward to next summer already!


Thanks for taking your time!