Thursday, 12 August 2010

Summer All-Black

It's been over a month since I last posted an outfit picture (I've checked). I have not been wearing anything particularly interesting in the last weeks - from my point of view, anyway, as my outfits have been mostly all-black. Not very long ago I participated in Sally's Summer Blackout Challenge and I said then that it wasn't really a challenge for me because I very rarely wore black anyway. Little did I know that I would soon be forced into purchasing some black items to put in my wardrobe. Nearly four weeks ago I was faced with a new challenge - how to put together an all-black outfit.

As I've said, I had to get some black pieces - there were some in my wardrobe but they were mostly warm clothes, like woolen skirts and coats. Up until a month ago I owned two pairs of black trousers, two T-shirts and a strap top, plus a ruched blouse, and two cotton cardis. And a black skirt & top with white polka dots. Can't really say it's 'nothing' but hardly enough for day-to-day wear in the summer months.

In the following few days I'll show you some of my all-black outfits. I've decided to wear all-black for a month and then every Friday and every 16th of the month for another year. So basically, I'm returning to some more colour next week.

I took the pictures myself today, with a little help of my timer - you can tell, can't you. No picture of me standing as I didn't have a clue how to do that - I had a very limited space (our tiny balcony), which is why I'm sitting on a chair, so at least you get a half of me... As the outfit is really simple I'm putting some more attention to my accessories.

I'm wearing:

long black skinny trousers (better view next time) - Mana
V-neck - Madonna
skinny belt - H&M

necklace - Accessorize
thistle brooch - Scottish shop in the capital (years ago!)
angel brooch - 10th wedding anniversary gift from my husband (five years ago!)

angel bracelet - self-made (from a brooch)
silver chain with a little bagpipe charm - I bought the chain some time ago, and the charm was bought in London, again years and years ago; I absolutely adore it!
ring - I'll tell you more about my rings in one of the future posts

watch - Calvin Klein (gift from my parents when I graduated from university ten years ago)
crystal beads bracelet with a heart charm (which says 'Be yourself' - isn't it great?) - Leonardo, a lovely little shop in the capital with all sorts of pretty things
rings - see above

fuchsia earrings - Etsy (ForTheCrossJewelry)

tan sandals - local shop; I love them - they're all-leather, made in India

Well, until tomorrow, then!


  1. Your sandals, i adore them!!! And you accessorize so beautifully. Accessories are like a luxury to me, and i hardly wear them because i seem to get them tangled ...but looking at these pics, i wish i had and wore them more!

  2. I totally adore your accessories.
    My favorites are that angel bracelet you made out of a brooch and the brooch from your husband ! They are both adorable.


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