Monday, 2 August 2010

Pleasant Surprise

Hello, my dear blogging friends, it's been a while, hasn't it? First and foremost, thank you so much for the expressed condolences after our loss. I took a few days off as there was so much to do before the funeral, and after that we decided to go along with our scheduled seaside holiday anyway because we all needed a break. I'll tell you all about our week at the seaside in the future posts...

The surprise in the post title refers to something completely different. I entered the giveaway on Jane's blog, The Applique, and won the greatest prize! The prize was a book on crocheting - I do that occasionally - and a fabulous felt brooch, hand-made by Jane (do check her Etsy shop, she's got some amazing stuff!) - the winner got to choose her own brooch! I purchased several items from Jane last summer, so I knew exactly what I was in for... pure bliss!

So, the brooch I've chosen goes by the name 'Blossom' - the obvious choice, right? I really like its vibrant green colour and the entire colour combination works really well. I'm looking forward to wearing it - a lot!

This is the book I got - it's got some really interesting designs and I've chosen three that I like the most for you to see. I'm not very skilled at crocheting but who knows - the book might help!

I really like this dress - it looks great worn over skinny jeans but I'm sure it would work on its own as well. Lovely 'vintage-y' look.

The cardi seems just what the name suggests - comfy. Plus I looove the colour!

Last but not least, the circles - I've been working on a scarf made of colourful circles since early spring. I haven't been making any progress lately but I hope that I'll be able to catch up soon!

I'll definitely keep you posted...

The package with the goodies arrived on the day of the funeral. Pleasant surprise and a bit of comfort... Thank you so much once again, Jane!

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