Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thursday Morning

Today's (morning) outfit. It got warmer during the day and I did something rather unusual for me - I changed in the afternoon. Pictures of the afternoon outfit to follow.

I really like this top but it's much too warm for a hot late August day. I bought it several years ago - it's children's size, I think I'm wearing a top for eight-year-olds...

My trusted old Nike flats - rather worn-out but still very comfortable. Only slightly too warm for a hot late August day...

I'm wearing:

flats - Nike
cropped trousers - Playlife
top - Petit Bateau
bag - Zara
bracelet - Haba
watch - Seiko (his&her wedding present from a good friend
- almost 15! years ago)

Last but not least - my Haba bracelet. Haba is a German brand for children's toys & stuff; they make really pretty things and I'm always tempted to purchase their products...

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