Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday Wear

Yesterday's outfit, worn to an outdoor mass. Indoors. Sort of. Technically, there weren't any doors. Or windows. But there were walls... Sounds confusing? It is, rather. A Sunday mass was celebrated amidst the ruins of a lovely church on top of a lovely hill called 'Egghead' (in translation, of course; the original name comes from German as there used to be a German settlement there before WW2). The church was burnt down fifty-something years ago but the ruins can still tell a story of the times passed. I'm afraid I didn't bring my camera to the church, but at least I managed to have my outfit pic taken when I got back home...

I did throw a cardi over my bare shoulders to attend religious service, of course. But later it got really warm so I took it off. Plus I wanted to show you my LBD. Quite nice, isn't t?

These are my Mum's clip-on turquoise earrings. I remember her wearing them in summer months when I was a little girl. We were talking the other day and the earrings came up in conversation and it turned out she still had them! And now I have them!!! I love these earrings, I think they're absolutely fabulous. A true vintage find in my Mum's jewellery box!

I'm wearing:

sandals - local shoe shop
LBD - local clothes shop
skinny belt - H&M
silk necklace - Kokoska (local brand)
earrings - my Mum's
sunglasses - Madonna for H&M
bag - Zara (F/W 2010, I love this bag!)

It's everything I want in a bag - brown leather, saddle shape, not too small and not too big, just roomy enough... It was love at first sight. The corsage is self-made: a TopShop flower, Barbour ribbon, leather tassels.

It was a lovely Sunday morning, followed by delicious lunch at the local Chinese restaurant. It was so warm we were too lazy to cook...

P.S.: Blimey, look at all that grey hair...

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  1. This is lovely, i love the turquoise with the black!


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