Thursday, 25 November 2010

I Love My Green Coat

I have to say this again since you see me wear it so often. Unfortunately, its season is coming to an end, it's getting considerably colder in our part of the world and the temperatures call for warmer attire.

So this is probably one of the last pics with my beloved garment this autumn. As part of another favourite outfit! You'd never believe it, would you...

I totally love the colours of this top - as I do the colours of all the items in this outfit. I sneakily caught the orangey colour in the top pattern in my socks - you can't see them with my cords down but I know they're there!

I'm wearing:

- leather brogues - Zara
- cords - WhiteSea
- ruffle patterned top - Zara
- mustard top - Mana
- coat - Boden
- scarf - Peter James (borrowed from my husband, gifted to him by me... as I knew it would come in handy!)
- beret - Seeberger
- corsage - jysk
- leather bag - Zara
- angel accessories

Oh, the colours!!!

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  1. seriously, that is an amazing coat. I'm sorry you can't wear it in the colder weather!


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