Monday, 29 November 2010

More Stripes

Last week's outfit. When wearing brogues was still an option. Not anymore. We were literally snowed in over the weekend. So wellies and snow boots are on at the moment. Oh horror.

Have I mentioned that I REALLY do not like snow? In case I haven't - I REALLY do not like snow. In fact, 'not like' is putting it really mildly. I don't mind rain, I don't mind the cold, but snow... that's another story.

Which is funny, really, as I was born in the middle of winter. January 6, the Epiphany. And I really like my birthday. Minus the white blanket, that is. The children love it, of course, but unfortunately, that doesn't make it any more likeable to me...

OK, back to the outfit now. I wore another pair of stripey tights. Love them to bits, great colour combination! So many options to put together from my closet! Well, this is the one I chose last week.

I'm wearing:

- leather brogues - Zara
- stripey tights - NKD
- skirt - Mango (hand-me-down from former colleague)
- cardi - Zara
- leather belt - H&M
- top - Mana
- duffle coat - no idea, it's ancient, I've had it for ages! I only remember that I bought it in Trieste, Italy, on an extremely snowy day...
- scarf - Peter James, borrowed from my husband
- beret - Seeberger
- corsage - jysk
- leather bag - Zara
- angel accessories
- earrings - local shop

Until tomorrow!


  1. cute stockings, and cute brogues!

  2. I insist !
    Your accessories chest is a true treasure !
    That angel pendant is a dream :)


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