Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Miniature Crafting

I love making things. I particularly like making little things that I can put in my pocket (I don't really, I just like the idea that I could do that if I wanted). When I saw this gorgeous felt Christmas tree on Julia's blog I immediately had to make one for myself. As I didn't have any thick felt at hand I decided to make a favourite - a miniature! I love it so much!!!

The next miniature craft is a Granny Square. Remember my post about Granny Squares? Well of course, I had to make a mini one as well. It took a while but again, I absolutely loved the result.

Last but not least, a miniature rosary. I got this tiny little cross several years ago when my husband and I made a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy (the birthplace of St. Francis & St. Clare). I used to wear it on a delicate gold chain and later transformed it into a little rosary. Sweet, isn't it?

To give you an idea of the actual size of these miniatures, here they are on the palm of my hand:

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Oh I love your mini makes! I keep a little worry beads and cross I got from a church in Prague in my pocket when I feel a little nervous! you could make lots of those mini grannies to put on your real christmas tree they would look fab! fliss xxx

  2. These are sooooo cute and you are quite crafty,
    my favorite is the Christmas tree, you can hang it on your cel phone or from your purse's zipper.


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