Friday, 26 November 2010

TweediNess, LoveliNess

These lovely badges came in the post last week. They're from Ness and they made my heart jump with joy!!!

This sweet little corsage was made by me. It's Harris Tweed - the only bits and pieces I could lay my fingers on were pretty little gift tags from Alison - but I just had to make something with this absolutely gorgeous fabric! So sorry for the gift tags - but I can wear them on my coat now, all five of them...!

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S.: We're being snowed in... :(


  1. This just makes me think of the children's TV series in teh K called The Family Ness. My oldest daughter was unfortunate enouhg to have the same name as one of the human characters - Elpeth. The non-human characters were all Loch Ness monsters.

  2. Hey, you are so great with colours and textures, those pins are ADORABLE!!!!


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