Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Birthday - Decoration & What I Got

Warning - a picture heavy post to follow! I did promise to show you my birthday presents, though, and in this case it's inevitable. So, I'll start with this pretty bouquet of roses that I got from my husband as well but forgot to mention (didn't take a picture straight away, of course). It's seen better days, I'm afraid, the picture was taken a few days later. But still, isn't it pretty?

I told you already that my little girl 'gate-crashed' my party... She was really excited about it and she spent the whole afternoon making these bits & pieces that she decorated my parents' dining room with.

This little angel was such a pleasant surprise! It's from a very good friend, the work of an incredibly talented local artist who comes from Poland. I totally adore it!

A Willow Tree Angel - Love of Learning. From another good friend, my (son's former &) daughter's teacher!

A pretty pair of earrings from my brother & his lovely family. So me!

Three pretty hand-painted storage jars. Sugar? Coffee? Tea? No idea yet but they sure bring some colour into my kitchen! From some very good friends.

Poppy-seed soap (to fight away wrinkles!!!), 100% natural. Lovely shape, lovely smell. From a lovely family whose children are my godchildren (they're all teenagers already... so I do need an anti-wrinkle soap).

Another bouquet of flowers in a pretty & bright watering can. I don't think it needs any comment, it has my name written all over... From another good friend & family!

Dish brush with an adorable stand. Her name is Roselynn (Rosalina), my little girl's choice. She's brightening up my kitchen already! Came with the watering can.

Some lovely music. From friends & from my Mum-in-law. Very much appreciated!

A great big thank you to everyone!!!

P.S.: This, of course, is only a selection of all the lovely goodies I got for my birthday!

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