Monday, 10 January 2011

Birthday - Cake & What I Wore

I partied over the weekend. On Saturday evening I invited my girlfriends - I 'rented' my parents' dining room again! This year we enjoyed the company of my little girl as well - she felt she was big enough to join a bunch of thirty- and forty-somethings and enjoy the evening. Oh, she did. She was quite upset when Daddy came to pick her up at ten pm...

Apart from the absolutely fabulous company there was lots of yummy food and lively conversation non-stop. I enjoyed myself immensely, it was such a pleasant evening. Lots of lovely presents as well. Another post to follow.

I made a scrumptious banana-cinnamon-coconut-cream-chocolate cake and decorated it with chocolate stars (after all it was a star which showed the wise men the way so that they could find the newborn Jesus!). It was complimented on by all attending...

As for the outfit, I put on my birthday present from the girlfriends - the wellies - and my parents - the fleece socks. I spent the entire evening in them. Indoors. My feet are usually freezing cold, but not this time...

I'm wearing:

- wellies - Hunter (birthday gift!)
- fleece socks - Hunter (birthday gift as well, yay!)
- tights - NKD
- skirt - Boden
- top - Playlife
- skinny leather belt - H&M
- cropped cardi - Boden
- scarf - local shop
- cK watch
- Rice bracelet

I love my new wellies!!!


  1. Nothing beats fun conversation with friends. Except maybe bright-red boots!

  2. Happy birthday! sounds like a great day!

  3. The happiest birthday to you !!!!!!
    Sounds like you had a beautiful day with friends :)
    OHHH I want some of that cake !

  4. Happy Birthday! Those welllies are absolutely gorgeous! And your cake sounds mouthwateringly delicious. I love cake. So happy for you that you enjoyed a party!


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