Friday, 21 January 2011

Three Things

- 'A Piece Of Scotland' - the most precious pendants from my blogging friend Aileen, who is an incredibly talented artist with lovely shops on Etsy & Folksy

- a Cath Kidston book bag to match my red Hunter wellies

- my brand new button earrings, made from my favourite Barbour spare buttons; I got the idea here


  1. Love all of 'em, especially the button-earrings.

    I collect and wear cufflinks: the style of your earrings would look great on cufflinks -- and be an ironic twist. You've inspired me to go look for some...

  2. Really love those sheep pendants, she is one very talented lady:) Also like your CK bag, nice and bright and good for cheering up grey January days! xx

  3. I like the sheep pendants but
    those button earrings are fabulous!

  4. Hi Biba, I totally missed this post before! Thanks for all the love and links : )


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