Monday, 3 January 2011

My Very First Outfit In 2011

This is it! A very happy new year to everyone! Honestly, this is the outfit I wore on Saturday but I'm wearing it again today. It's my choir practice night.

What can I say...? It's cosy and fits reasonably well even after the slightly overdosed consumption of delicious holiday food...

I've worn these accessories before, I'm impressed with how wonderfully they match as they have not been purchased together (years apart, actually!).

I'm wearing:

- boots - Humanic
- skinny jeans - Miss Bonbon
- sweater dress - local shop
- shirt - Mana (girls' section)
- hankie - Cath Kidston (Britannia)
- ThreeKings Brooch - Etsy (Pinderella)
- earrings - Orna Lalo
- acai berry bracelet - Rice (close-up in tomorrow's post!)

Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve celebration and that you're ready for new challenges in 2011!

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